The region’s most influential thought leaders come together in a single platform to provide you with the latest industry thinking, topical issues and practical risk strategies

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Bringing leading risk practitioners together to harness innovation and strategies to tackle emerging risks and achieve business objectives 
Following an established track record of success, the 6th Annual Risk Management Leaders Forum is a premier conference that brings together senior risk management leaders across industry sectors to discuss best practices, risk management strategies and frameworks to increase resilience to current and future threats.
Extensive research with key practitioners from Australia & NZ’s leading public and private sector organisations tells us that this discussion is relevant now because:
  1. The release of ISO31000:2017 is triggering organisations to review and evaluate current risk management strategies and policies
  2. Technology is constantly evolving to mitigate new threats; in particular the rising incidence of cyber-related threats
  3. The need to be compliant with recent commencement of the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
The challenge for enterprise risk managers is how can they best balance the benefits of investing in and updating risk management frameworks and strategies with the cost. 
Over 300 senior risk management professionals have previously attended the Australian and NZ Risk Management Leaders Forum over the past two years.

Under the threat of immense consequences, business leaders are increasingly recognising the role of risk management in ensuring a continued and thriving business for the future.  
Delegates can expect to:
  • Receive latest updates on the revision to the ISO 31000
  • Gain insights on risks arising from disruption, organisational resilience, conduct risk, reputation management, and business continuity
  • Leverage the best advice on the latest risk management issues from leading Chief Risk Officers 
  • Better equip and guard your organisation against cyber risks
  • Cultivate and appreciate a forward-thinking approach to future planning for risk management
Don't miss the conference workshop: Risk management in plain language  

In this hands-on workshop, we will follow the AS/NZS 31000 risk management standard, but avoid arcane ‘risk speak’. Using simple terms and concepts, with many real examples and exercises, we will demonstrate how risk management can easily become an integral part of any decisionmaking process. 
View full workshop details here 

Risk Management Leaders Forum Speakers

David Clarke

Chief Risk Officer


Campbell Nicoll

Chief Risk Officer

Regional Australia Bank

Michelle Mott

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Pacific


Cameron Paterson

Head of Risk & Compliance

Standard Chartered Bank

Kian Jackson

General Manager


Bala Shastri

Head of Risk and Compliance


Scott McIsaac

Head of Risk & Compliance

Australian Catholic Superannuation and Retirement Fund

Kerry Beebe

Chief Risk Officer

Heritage Bank

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Why Attend the Risk Management Leaders Forum  

  • Better guard your organisation against cyber risks and fortify your cybersecurity
  • Understand what impact new compliance regimes will have on your business – including mandatory data breach reporting and the GDPR
  • Develop organisational resilience as a business continuity mindset
  • Integrate risk management into business planning and board level decision making
  • Leverage shared experiences from leading CROs and Heads of Risk on what a good, sustainable risk management culture looks like 
  • Understand the impact of economic and geopolitical challenges on business risks and develop a macro-risk management mindset
  • Receive latest updates on the revision to the ISO 31000 standard
  • Effectively manage and mitigate your organisation’s conduct and reputational risk

Who Should Attend the Risk Management Leaders Forum  

All professionals responsible for implementing risk management within their organisation in both public & private sectors including those who need to ensure that an organisation accurately manages risk.
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • GM/Head Risk and Compliance
  • Risk and Compliance 
  • Crisis and Business Continuity 
  • Audit and/or Internal Audit
  • Governance and/or Assurance
  • Corporate Risk Manager
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Regulation and Governance
  • Information Security
  • IT Risk and Assurance 
  • Risk Advisor and Co-coordinator
  • Risk Consultants and Analysts
  • Senior Management and Board Directors

Why Sponsor the Risk Management Leaders Forum

What solutions can your organisation offer our audience to address the following challenges:
  1. How can enterprise risk management professionals better detect and identify where their current risk management framework and strategies may be vulnerable to threats?
  2. What are the best processes, systems and technologies that can be implemented to mitigate current and future threats?
  3. How can enterprise risk management professionals shift the perception of risk management as a cost to a driver of value for the organisation?
Gain access to professionals responsible for implementing risk management within their organisation in both public & private sectors including those who need to ensure that an organisation accurately manages risk. You can view a full list of companies that have attended previous years events as well as our sponsorship package options below. 
Download the Sponsorship Prospectus Here   
Sponsoring the Risk Management Forum is your best face-to-face marketing opportunity of the year. To find out how we can help you meet your marketing goals for 2018, email or call +61 2 9188 8950.


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Risk Management Leaders Forum Venue

Sydney | Pre-Conference Workshop – 27 August 2018 | Conference – 28 August 2018  

Melbourne | Conference – 30 August 2018 | Post-Conference Workshop – 31 August 2018